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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The New Roommate...

Becoming a single parent meant I got stuck with all the bills and only one income.  I had to take care of the kids, so I got a second job working nights and weekends.  After about six months of working some 16-hour days and 7 days a week, I decided maybe I would try to get a roommate.

I live in a college town, so I didn’t know how much luck I would have.  There were plenty of vacancies in the paper, and I lived about 5 miles from campus, so the prospect of finding someone probably was slim.  I got a couple of calls the first week the ad was in the paper, but I wouldn’t live with those people if I was single, let alone a single parent with two kids to raise.

Eventually, I decided I would try one more month in the paper, and if nothing worked out, maybe try to find a cheaper house to live in.  I didn’t really want to move with my son in high school and daughter in junior high and having all their friends nearby.

Finally, one Thursday night, the phone rang about seven.  It was a woman who said she needed a place to stay right away, so I gave her directions.  She made it over in about a half hour.  I opened the door to find a woman in her late 30’s, slender, with dirty blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, and glasses.  I let her in, and we sat down to talk.  She said she had been in the Air Force, was married, and divorced, no kids, and had decided to go back to school to get her degree in nursing.  She was living in an apartment with another female that was younger.  She said things started going downhill when the other girl got a boyfriend, and he started hanging around the apartment, even when his girlfriend wasn’t there.  He would smoke pot, and have his friends come over and get drunk.  She said she didn’t feel comfortable anymore and was looking for a place.

I had priced the rent low in order to maybe get someone in right away to help with expenses.  That’s why I got so many deadbeats answering the ad.  She said she could afford it maybe but with the long drive, it might be hard.  She said she wanted to think about it.  I told her why not consider having her eat here too with no extra charge.  I figured if I had to cook dinner for two kids, another person wouldn’t be that much extra, and we just ate cereal for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch.  I told her to just tell me what she liked and I would buy it.

She agreed to try it for a month, and asked if she could spend the night since she didn’t want to go back to the apartment.  I said sure, and let her sleep in what was the den, but would now be her room.  I had put a door with a lock on it, so I let her in, showed her the bathroom, and then started to work on an agreement for us to sign in the morning.

The agreement was simple, and included things like when the rent would be due, how much notice I wanted if she moved out, and how many people she could have over.  I didn’t care if she had a boyfriend that maybe came by occasionally.  I just didn’t want the same thing happening as happened to her, she get a boyfriend, and then I have to deal with him hanging around eating all my food, and doing something around my kids that I didn’t want in my home.  She said she didn’t have a boyfriend, and needed to study hard to pass, so that wouldn’t be an issue.  She did say she didn’t have any furniture, so I let her use the daybed, and I brought up some shelves from downstairs, a coffee table and a chair for her to use.

She moved her clothes over that next day, and we settled in.  As usual, with someone new, it was a bit awkward at first, but after a while, she became a member of the family.  She got along real well with the kids, especially my daughter.  She even cooked a meal on occasion when she had time, and she cleaned up her bathroom and room every week.

I like to get up to drink some coffee in the morning and read the paper before the kids got up.  She liked coffee too, so she would get up and get a cup before heading to the bathroom to get a shower and get ready for school.  At first, we just said hi to each other, but one morning, I had spilled some coffee, and was cleaning it up when she came into the kitchen.  I poured her a cup, and then patted her on the shoulder with my usual morning greeting.  She smiled, and turned, and squeezed my arm and said good morning.  After that, I would have a cup poured for her when I heard her get up.  That usually got me a smile and a quick warm hug before she went up to the shower.

One evening when I thought everyone was in bed, I just put on a pair of running shorts and headed downstairs to get a glass of water.  I ran into her coming up the stairs to go to the bathroom.  She had on a white, loose fitting t-shirt that just barely covered her panties.  We greeted each other with surprise, and she slowly walked into the bathroom, and then turned to see me staring at her cute little butt.  She closed the door slowly.

I sat down at the kitchen table thinking about her when she came downstairs, and said hello.  She sat across from me and we talked for a while.   I really noticed how her smile came to her so easy when she talked to me, and she even had some cute little dimples.  She still had on her contacts, and her hair was loose and falling down around her shoulders.  After a bit, I noticed her nipples start to get hard through her t-shirt.  Of course, if she could have seen my shorts, there was a bulge in the middle of them!

She got up and went to bed, and I had a hard time going to sleep that night thinking about her!

A couple days later, she came into the kitchen for her usual cup of coffee.  She was later than usual, and I wondered why to myself?  She had on a robe that was loosely tied in front.  I could see her bare chest, but not her breasts and nipples.  She wasn’t a large breasted woman, which suited me just fine.  I did get a glance at her panties.  They were wet….very wet.

She turned to me and asked me if she could get a ride today.  She said her car’s engine light was coming on the last few days, and I told her she shouldn’t drive it like that.  I told her I could take a look at it tonight.  I told her I would be glad to give her a ride since I worked right by the college and she could put her bike in the back of my truck and ride from my office.  She smiled, and gave me a long hug then.  Just as she was about to turn and go upstairs, she gave me a peck on the cheek and squeezed my arm.  Then she was gone up the stairs.

When it came time to leave, I put her bike in the back of the truck and she sat in the middle.  I only have a standard cab pickup and I usually took my daughter to school on the way to work.  My son rode his bike to the nearby high school.  I dropped off my daughter and drove out of the parking lot.

My new roommate made no attempt to slide over to the right side of the cab, and just sat there and smiled.  I reached down to turn down the heat, and found myself holding hands with her.  We got to my office, and she asked me what time would I be getting off.  I told her 4:30, and she said that would work out fine, her last class got out at 4:00.  I showed her where my spare key was in case she didn’t want to come into my office, and she said that would work.  She gave me a big hug, and a kiss on the lips and left.

Later that day, I found her sitting in my truck when it was time to leave.  I usually work out every day at a gym on the way home.  I asked if she wanted me to give her a ride home and go back to the gym, but she said no, she could sit in the lobby and study while I worked out.  Today was my cardio day, so I gave her a hug, and headed to get changed.  I went upstairs, got on the treadmill and started my 4-mile run.  After about a half hour, she got bored and came upstairs to look around.  She walked up the stairs and saw the back of my butt working hard to run a fast pace.  She leaned up against the wall and tried to imagine what it would be like to come over to me from behind, hit the stop button, and take me in her arms and kiss me hard.  She thought about kissing the sweat off the back of my neck as she reach up in front of my shirt to grab my nipples and then scratch her nails down the front of my chest.  She thought about how it would be if I turned around to kiss her, as her hands made their way down my chest to my shorts.  She thought about pulling down my running gear, and getting on her knees to take my cock into her mouth….

I finished my run and stopped the treadmill.  I turned to go get a towel to clean off the machine when I saw her standing there.  She was staring straight at me, in sort of a daze.  When she realized that I had stopped, she smiled and walked over to me, and gave me a quick kiss.  I reached over and squeezed her butt, and then went and got a towel. 

We walked hand in hand downstairs to the front of the men’s room.  She asked me if it would be all right to go warm up the truck while I took a shower.  I told her sure, and she squeezed my hand, gave me a quick kiss, and headed out the door.

When I finished my shower, I went out to the parking lot.  That day I had parked in the back facing the street, so it was a bit of a walk to the truck.  When I first saw her, I thought she was sleeping or resting because her head was leaned back against the driver side headrest.  As I approached I noticed her eyes were closed, but her head made some movements. 

I got up to the door to open it, and looked in.  She remained with her eyes closed and her head back.  Her white blouse was open all the way, and un-tucked from her jeans.  Her jacket was parted, and her bra was pushed up so her left hand could cup her right breast.  With her forefinger and thumb, she was rubbing and pinching her nipple.  Her jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped, and she had her right hand buried beneath her panties.

I thought I heard her moan.  She was masturbating!

I stood there enjoying the sight for a few moments when I heard some people walking to their car close to my truck.  I unlocked the door and quickly got in.  She sat up and looked at me with blinking eyes.  Her hands remained where they were. 

I leaned over and kissed her.  She responded by taking her hands and holding my face while she kissed me long and hard.  Her tongue met mine, and we were instantly lost in the feeling of being with each other at last.   I stopped and looked at her.  Her right hand was wet from her pussy, and I took it with my left hand and started to lick her juices off each of her first two fingers.  She kissed the other side of her hand and our tongues played with each other across her fingers.  I reached down her panties, and touched her clit with my right two fingers. 

She reacted very quickly, grabbing my cock through my jeans and squeezing hard.  She started to unbutton my jeans, and pull the zipper down.  I told her to wait; I wanted to go find a safer place to park.  She heard me but continued what she was doing anyway.

She pulled my cock out of my jeans, and started to finger the head of my cock with her fingers, first taking her forefinger and probing my hole and then my vein.  I tried to concentrate as I backed out of the parking spot and drove through the parking lot until I came to the now deserted doctor’s offices. 

By now, she had her head down and was sucking the head of my cock and licking my shaft.  I leaned back against the door, and she put all of me in her mouth and started to fuck me as hard as she could.  She then decided she had enough of that, and grabbed my jeans and shorts and just about ripped them off of me!

She quickly made her way up my chest and licked my neck with her tongue as she grabbed my hard cock and started to fit it into her very wet hole.  She whispered in my ear that she wanted me for so long and now she was going to fuck me like I’ve never been done before.  She mounted me with her hips and legs on either side as I slid down in the seat to make work of her pussy with my cock.   I grabbed her butt, and squeezed her tight as she rocked and pumped me for all she was worth.  She let out a loud scream and kissed me hard on my neck. 

I nibbled on her ear, and then grabbed a nipple with my mouth.  I sucked on it hard, and played with the other, as her back got suddenly very firm.  Her orgasm came on quick and her body shook all of a sudden.  Her breathing got shallow and she quit kissing me long enough to let out several loud pants and lick her dry lips.

She buried her head in my chest and shook even more now as the waves of an orgasm continued to send shivers through her spine.  She panted with every breath, straining to get some oxygen.  She looked up at me and then kissed my dry mouth with hers. 

She whispered in my ear to wait a minute before she would finish me off.  I told her we should go back to the house before we got arrested, and she reluctantly agreed.  She got off of me and sat next to me while holding my cock with both of her hands.

She rubbed my cock until the pussy juices got dry in the warmth of the truck.  She bent over and spit on the head of my cock, and then licked her saliva on down my shaft.  She spit on me again and then stuck my cock in her mouth and started to fuck me.  I prayed that I hit all the green lights on the two-mile drive home. 

When we got to the last light, it turned red!  She started to taste my pre-cum, so she bit the head of my cock and squeezed it hard with her thumb and forefinger. 

She had given me a hickey on the head of my cock!

She smiled and said she wanted me to wait to cum until we got home!

I smiled and stuck a finger back into her pussy as I made the turn to my house.  I opened the garage door with the opener and drove straight in.  The kids weren’t home, so we grabbed our clothes off the floor, and headed upstairs as the garage door closed behind us.

We locked the door, and she proceeded to rip off my shirt.  She got on her knees and scratched my balls with her fingernails and then my cock.  She licked my head, and kissed my new hickey!  I laughed as she took me all in and made me good and hard again as she fucked me with her lips and tongue.  I reached down and played with her nipples as she continued to suck me. 

When I was good and hard, she turned to get on the bed.  I couldn’t resist, so I grabbed her butt, and shoved my cock inside her from behind.  She got on to the bed, grabbed a pillow, and put it under her hips to give me a good shot at her very wet hole.  I pumped her hard, and squeezed her nipples.  She groaned and grabbed the edge of the bed just as another orgasm shot through her.  This time I continued to pound her as she cried out OMG!

After a bit, she reached down, and started to play with my balls as I continued to grind my cock inside her. 

My orgasm came shortly after hers, and I wanted to pull out and spray it all over her back and butt.  But her hole was right there, so I put the head of my cock against it and shot cum into her butt.  It felt good to her, so she reached back and spread her cheeks for my cock and pushed her hips and butt towards me.  I pushed my way in, lubricated by my own cum.  I stayed hard long enough to give her some fun, and she rocked her hips to my motion.  I reached around and stuck my finger on her wet clit, and played with her pussy.

I finally pulled out of her, and rolled over on to the bed.  She snuggled next to me and I stroked her hair as she played with my chest and nipples with her fingernails.  We enjoyed the feeling of being with each other as we kissed and fondled each other. 

I finally looked down and asked her if she wanted to go take a hot tub.  She agreed, so I got up and turned on the water to fill up the tub.  We took a shower while it filled, and I washed her beautiful body, taking my time to play with her breasts and nipples.  I got on my knees as I washed and then played with her pussy with my mouth and fingers.

We finally made it over to the hot tub.  We were both aroused and started to play with each other again.  I eventually lifted her out of the tub to sit on the edge.  I licked my way down her thighs, and then buried my head between her legs.  She grabbed my hair, and pulled me into her even more.  I fingered her pussy, and licked her clit as she put her legs over my shoulders.  She told me how good that made her feel…

She looked at me and smiled, and whispered into my ear, “I think we might pull an all nighter!”

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Interview

It was one of those days where I dreaded going to work.

I had to interview some new candidates for my personnel assistant position, and none of them stood out.  Yesterday was the worst.  I had to interview five people, and they all just bored me to death.

It was after 2 p.m. and I was sitting alone at my desk, waiting for the next person.  She was supposed to be in her early 30’s.  She had been a personal assistant for five years to the director of some major corporation, and she was looking to work closer to home.

I yawned, and stretched, and looked at the clock.

She came breezing into the office with a beautiful smile, and a warm handshake.  She had dark hair, down her back, a spring flowered dress on, nice slim athletic body underneath.

She sat down across the table from me, and we made some small talk about the weather, and how easy the commute was for her to get here.  Her smile and ease of speaking made me instantly comfortable with her.

We made it through my list of questions within a half hour.

I told her a little bit about the job, that there would be some travel, together, and some working late at night when the schedule dictated, and then I talked about compensation.

I asked her if she had any questions, and she asked the usual about why the last person left (got pregnant and wanted to stay home), and time off.

We were alone in the office as it was a Friday and everyone had gone home early for the day.

She said she really wanted the job and asked what she could do to really show me she was willing to do anything for me.

She put a lot of emphasis on the “anything”.

I asked her if she had ever done any modeling.  She said she had mostly just local print ads.  I asked her if she ever had any desire to do anymore, and she said “yes”.

I asked her to stand up and turn around.  She did.

I told her to pretend she was modeling for me, so she walked up and down in front of my desk.

I told her she would make a good Victoria Secret model.

She smiled, and said, “As a matter of fact, I have on a Victoria Secret bra and thong.  Would you like to see?”

I said “Yes!”

She walked over, and bent down a little, and turned her back to me. 

“Would you mind unzipping my dress?”

I reached up, and slowly unzipped the back of her dress.  She straightened up, and gave her hips a little wiggle.  Her dress fell to the floor.

She had on a lace thong and bra that matched.  The bra was very thin lace and I could just about see her nipples.  The thong was equally thin, and I could tell she had a shaved pussy.

It was also very wet!

She said, “Do you like what you see?”

I said, “Yes, I do”

She walked over, and pushed my chair around so I faced her.  She bent over and took her hands and started to rub my cock through my pants. 

I said, “Can you act like a little slut for me?”

She smiled, and said, “Anything you want me to do, I’ll do!”

“Take off your bra and let me see your tits!” I said.

She took it off, and brought it over and wrapped it around my neck.

“Play with them for me” I said.

She rubbed her nipples with her fingers, and pinched each one.  She cupped her hands beneath each one and squeezed them.  She walked over to me, and shoved one nipple at a time toward my face.  I stuck out my tongue, and licked each one.

I reached up, and tugged on the thong, it tore in two.

Her pussy dripped juice down her crotch and on to each leg.

I said, “I want you to sit down and play with yourself!”

She grabbed her chair and moved it in front of me.  She put each of her feet on my chair and slid back in the chair so I got a real good look at her wet pussy lips.  She spread her legs, and then her pussy lips with each hand.  She proceeded to finger her clit.

She rolled her eyes back in her head, and laid her head back against the chair.

“Oh Pat, I want you to Fuck me so bad!”  She said.

“Not yet” I said.  “Keep playing.  I want you to be my little slut!”

She moaned even louder.  Her hips started to move with each stroke from her finger.  She had two fingers inside of herself now, thrusting them hard.

“Oh god Pat, I’m going to cum!”  She bucked and moved more rapidly, her hips shaking, her mouth was open, and she stared at me.

Finally, she quivered all over, and let out a series of loud moans.  She finally rolled her head to one side, and her fingers stopped playing with her cunt.  She just stared at me with a slight smile.

I stood up in front of her.

“Unzip my pants” I said.

She put her legs down off the chair, and pulled herself closer to me.  I reached down, and took hold of her hands and licked the juices off her fingers.

“Do I taste good to you? She asked.

I just smiled back.

“Unzip like I told you too!”  I said.

“Yes, baby!  She said.

She slowly and careful unzipped my pants.  It was an effort to get the zipper down over my bulging cock.

She looked up at me, and ran her tongue around her lips like a hungry lion waiting to devour its meal.

“Pull down my pants and underwear” I told her.

She did as she was told.

“Now, get on your knees and suck!”

She crawled over closer to me, and started to lick my shaft with her tongue, going slowly around and around the tip, first one way and then the other.  Then she slowly licked me up and down my shaft, and kissed my balls.

She licked her way back up, and then slowly took all of me inside her mouth.  I took the back of her head, and pushed so she would have all of me into the back of her throat.

She gagged a little, so I let off the pressure.

“Now fuck me with your mouth you little slut!”

She increased her sucking, going up and down on my shaft, and playing with my balls with her fingers and nails.  It felt wonderful!

Finally, she had me right where she wanted me.  My cock started to drip pre-cum.  She pulled her mouth off of me, and bit the end of my cock to keep me from cumming.

She kissed and sucked my balls.

“You should shave so it feels even better” She said.

“I have a razor; I want you to do it for me!”

I went into the bathroom, and got my razor and shaving cream, and brought them back to the office.

She smiled, got up off her knees, and went to the bathroom to get a hot, wet towel.  She returned, and had me stand next to my desk.  She gently put the hot towel around my balls, and then played with my cock some more.

“It will be easier to shave you if you’re hard!”  She said.

She got on her knees and sucked on my cock and made it nice and hard.  She then lathered up my balls and body around my cock and proceeded to gently shave off my pubic hair.  It felt good!

She wiped off the shaving cream with the wet towel, and got up and got another one to make sure all the cream was off.

I loved watching her cute little butt walk down the hall naked.

She came back in and finished her job.  She kept playing with my cock.  She looked up at me and smiled.

“What do you want me to do now baby?”

“I want you to sit back in your chair again!”

She sat down.  I walked over to her, and played with her hair.  She played with my cock and balls with her hands and finger nails.

I grabbed her hair harder now, and kissed her hard on the lips.

She spread her legs and pulled me into her.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard!”  She whispered in my ear.

I proceeded to grind my cock deep inside her.  I pounded her hard against the chair.  She let out a little moan.  She wrapped her legs tighter around me.

“That feels so good!”  She said.

We both were close.  I grabbed her ass and pounded my cock so hard against her; I could feel her pussy start to quiver.

She gasped and cried out, “Oh fuck that feels good!”

I erupted deep inside her.  My cock filled her with my cum.  I kept pounding her to make us both feel good.  Her orgasm lasted longer than mine, but it felt so good to make her cum.

We both fell into each other’s arms after we finished.  I held her tight, and kissed her lips and forehead.  I played with her hair, and I loved the smell of her perfume.

She giggled when I played with her nipples with my mouth, and tongue.

She smiled, and looked at me in the eyes.

“Well, did I get the job?”

“Be here at eight o’clock Monday morning.  Don’t be late or there will be some punishment!”

“Hmmmmmm…”  She said.  “I hope I get punished a lot!”

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Victoria's Secret

My friend always loved to wear something from Victoria’s Secret.  She looked absolutely gorgeous in anything she bought from there.  She also knew how much I loved to see her wear it too.

On her birthday and at Christmas, she would circle the items she wanted from the catalog, and let me choose which one I liked and surprise her.  Half the fun was looking through the catalog, and seeing all the outfits, and imagining what she would look like in one, and thinking all the naughty things I would want to do to her when she wore it!

We also had a rule that I was allowed to buy her one “surprise” gift out of the catalog.

For me, it was usually something very sexy, and very revealing. 

We also had the rule that if she didn’t like it much, she could use a sort of code word to tell me when she was going to wear it. 

She would put it on, get me all horny, and then say, “Baby, I just need you to rape me tonight!”

That usually meant I could tear the item off of her and make wild and crazy, insane love to her!!!

Of course, she absolutely loved being ravaged by me with primal lust!

It had been a long and hectic week, and we hadn’t had the chance to slow down long enough to make love to each other.  With both of us working, and travel during the week, and late nights at the office, it just didn’t happen.

By Friday, I was about to burst, and she knew it.

I came in the door, running a little late, when she met me with a hug, and a long kiss.  I was exhausted, but that perked me up.

She told me that she had ordered some pizza for take-out, and that we needed to leave immediately and go pick it up.

Usually, I just go by myself, but she already had her long coat on, and was grabbing my hand and leading me out the door.

I wondered why she had the coat on since it was nice outside, if not just a little cool….

We got to the car, and she opened up the driver’s side door and got in beside me.

I backed out of the driveway, and headed for the pizza parlor.

She put her arm around my neck, and kissed me on the ear.  She rubbed her finger along the side of my earlobe, knowing full well that sent a tingle down my crotch. 

She unbuttoned her coat, and moved it aside.  She was wearing the item I bought for her birthday.  It was a white, embroidered eyelet baby doll.  The top was see through, and the white panties were just enough material to cover her.  The lace ties went over her hips to the back along the cheeks of her butt.

She had on my favorite perfume, and lipstick.

It wasn’t going to be hard to become an animal on the prowl with her looking that good!!!

At the next light, I took her in my arms, and kissed her hard on the lips.

I managed to run my hands up under her coat, and run them along her sides.  The baby doll material was sheer enough that I could feel her erect nipples and sensitive breasts.

She gasped, and stuck her tongue in my mouth and French kissed me!  Then she started to run her finger up and down my zipper.

The light turned green and I had to drive on.

When we got to the pizza parlor, she asked me to go in for the pizza while she waited in the car.  I went inside, and found out it would be another 20 minutes until our pizza was done.

Frustrated, and horny, I went back to the car.  I opened the door, and pulled her out by her wrist.  “Come with me!”  I said.

She followed me down to the riverbank by the edge of the shopping mall.  I swept her up in my arms like I was carrying her over a threshold.  She had on sandals, and I didn’t want her to twist an ankle.  I wrapped my arm around her butt, and held her close.

I was just a little rough doing so….

She smiled into my eyes.  She knew I was a little crazy at the moment.  Her eyes twinkled at the thought of what I was going to do to her!

I carried her down to the shore line and back behind some aspen trees.  It was dark, it was hidden and there was some soft grass under the trees to lay her down on.

As I laid her down, her coat draped open, and I could tell her white panties were soaking wet.  Her nipples were pushing hard against the material.

I stepped back to look around and see if anyone could see us.

She rose up and unzipped my pants, and unbuttoned the top.  She pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees and took my cock and started to lick it with the tip of her tongue.

The animal in me wanted her, wanted her NOW!

I reached down and grabbed the top of the baby doll.  The material is made to be soft, and gentle on a woman’s skin.  Her nipples stared back at me through the material.  I ripped it in half with one pull.

She stopped sucking on my cock and stared into my face with her eyes.  They were wide with surprise at the fact she was suddenly exposed to nature.  She didn’t say a word….

I reached down and pulled hard on the little white panties.  They didn’t have a chance.

Her legs were spread now, her shaved and dripping pussy just staring up at me in anticipation.  Her nipples were hard and almost quivering knowing that they would get kissed and touched and sucked on.

My rock hard cock was right there, and I quickly took it and mounted her.  It felt so good to be inside her after the long week, and I was so hard and ready I could not wait.  It felt so soft, and warm, and oh so nice to have my cock inside her.

She felt the same, and wrapped her legs around me and pulled me to the ground on top of her.  My cock filled her pussy, and it felt so good to have that friction between her legs.

She let out a loud moan, and kissed me hard.  I reached down and pinched a nipple, and then grabbed her ass to pull her toward me.  I could feel her dripping wet pussy with my fingers, and I moved them around her naked crack of her ass.

We fucked each other with abandon as each of our bodies thrust against each other like it was our first time.

We kissed each other hard and long, with our tongues playing with the other, our mouths making each other experience the ultimate in passion.

Her breathing got shallower, she was panting harder

“Oh baby, it feels so good.  I love fucking you!  I love you so much!”  She said.

I drove my cock deeper inside her, making her back arch and pumping for all I was worth.

“I love you too!  I just love how you feel around me!”  I said.

Her back arched, and she started to cum.  All of her body held on to me now, letting the orgasm spread across her pussy and hips and down her butt and legs, to her stomach and chest.  Her whole body was shaking and it felt good beneath me!  I loved having my cock inside her when she came; the sensations of what she was experiencing were translated to me through her.

I erupted inside her, my cum spreading inside her pussy and making it soft and warm.  It must have been a load, because when I came she shook even more.  I kept pumping her to keep the feeling in my groin and hers.  Her orgasm lasted longer than mine, but I got to feel hers too!

I held her tight, letting her breathing settle down and her heart rate slow.  

I looked around to see where I tossed the baby doll outfit.  It looked like I had torn it off of her and threw it over my shoulder. 

I hoped no one saw us, as it might have appeared that I was actually raping her at that moment!

Now, we looked like two lovers caught in an embrace from a distance.

I hoped no one saw my beautiful lady with her soft, delicate breasts and wonderful naked body beneath her coat.  I wanted her only for myself right then.

I pulled out of her, and took the baby doll and attempted to wipe both of us off with it.  I then wrapped the coat tightly around her body.  She shivered a little at the cool air and the remaining moisture between her legs.  I picked her up again, and kissed her before carrying her back across the rocks. 

Somewhere on the way down we lost a slipper and could not find it in the dark!

I carried her all the way back to the car, kissing her neck and lips as I went.  She had her arms wrapped tightly around my neck, and wasn’t ready to let me go!

I put her in the car, and kissed her again, then headed back into the pizza pallor to get my pizza.  Luckily, it was ready this time!

I drove home with her arm wrapped around my neck.  She opened the coat a little to just give me some of a tease again.  She knew we would continue again, and wanted to let me have some fun looking at her!

We got home and folded open the day bed downstairs near the fireplace.  We went upstairs and took a shower together, taking our time to kiss, and touch each other in all the right places.  I loved washing her skin, and kissing it afterward.  I took extra time with washing her nipples and breasts, and then got on my knees and took special care of her pussy!

I finished cleaning her out with my tongue once I had her washed real well.  When I finished her pussy, I made her turn around, and while still on my knees, I was licking her butt and ass, and then licked all over her while I told her to keep her ass tight!

She loved it when I did that to her!

When it was my turn to get washed, she took her sweet time, and then got on her knees and played with my cock and balls with her hands and tongue.  She loved to kiss my balls, and hold them with her hands, and scratch them just the right way.

She had me nice and hard again by the time the hot water ran out!

We dried each other off, and then headed downstairs.  The pizza was cold, so we heated it up in the microwave and I started a fire in our gas fireplace.  We snuggled on the day bed, and fed each other while we were naked. 

She loved to take a mouthful of pizza that was warm, and then suck on my cock with it still in her mouth!

I loved sprinkling the grated cheese all over her nipples and breasts, and then making a track down her stomach to her pussy!  It was fun to lick it slowly and carefully off her skin, taking my sweet time!

No doubt, this “take out” had a special meaning….

Monday, November 8, 2010

It was hot...

It was hot.  It was late.  Everyone in the house was asleep but her.  No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t talk herself into going to sleep.  She got up.  She put on that flannel shirt that only seemed to have one button that fastened near her belly button.  She had it hidden in the bottom of the dresser and only put it on when she wanted to feel sexy.  A boy she knew in high school had left it under her bed one day when he had to make a quick exit out of the window before her Mom caught them.  She had cut off the sleeves because they were too long.  It brought her mind back to a time when sex was fun, and carefree.  Her husband hadn’t touched her in a month because of the usual reasons, too tired or too much to drink or both.

She slipped into some flip-flops and made her way downstairs.  She grabbed a diet coke out of the fridge and stepped out on to the back porch.  It was cooler there.  She longed to be free of this, this life that felt like a prison sometimes.  She thought of taking a drive, so she grabbed the keys off the shelf, and got into the car.  No matter that she only had on a flannel shirt and flip-flops she thought, it was 2 a.m., who would notice? She started the car, and backed it out of the garage and headed for the hills.  She turned on the fan full blast, and aimed one vent toward her nipples and the other at her pussy.  The air felt sensual against her skin, and made her aroused.  As she made her way to the turn off to Poudre Canyon, she thought maybe she would have to pull over and finish herself off as the stream of air had made her very horny. 

She laughed to herself at the thought of how long that would take….maybe two minutes once she touched herself?

She was lost in the mood of being aroused for so long as she made the turns up the canyon.  The air from the vents felt cooler now, as she got further up the pass.  In her state of mind, she failed to notice how fast she was going as she rounded a curve and saw the car.  “God, I hope that is not a cop” she thought as she slowed her car down with a touch of the brakes.  The car turned on its lights and pulled on to the road behind her.  She knew she was had the moment the flashing lights appeared in the rear view mirror.  It must have been an unmarked police car, because the flashing light was on the dash.  The sense of arousal quickly turned to panic as she looked for a place to pull over.  All she could see was the guardrail and the canyon wall.  Suddenly she noticed the dirt road, and she pulled into it.  In her haste, she thought maybe she went too far down the road before coming to a stop.  She hoped the cop wasn’t pissed for taking too long to stop.  She reached for the glove box and cursed the fact she had taken the extra blanket out of the back seat to wash it just last week.  She wondered what the cop would do when he found her with practically no clothes on and no license.

She rolled down the window as the cop approached with his flashlight. 

He said, “I need to see your license and …….”. 

He stopped short as his brain started to realize what his eyes were seeing.  She turned to face him, but all she could see was the flashlight and his crotch.  He took the registration and said he would be right back.

“Was there a bulge in his pants?” she asked herself.

She thought of what she was going to say as he approached the car again. 

“You’ll have to step out of the car and put your hands on the hood” he said. 

He grabbed the door handle and helped her out.  The flashlight blinded her as she stepped out of the car on to the gravel road. The air was cooler here, but not that cool she thought.  She put her hands on the hood as he looked in the car with his flashlight.  It stopped on her seat as he noticed the fresh cum that had dripped out of her.  He stepped back behind her, as her breathing got shallow. 

She said impatiently, “Are you going to search me?” 

Curiously, he answered, “If you want me to?”

She could feel his breath on her neck as he stepped closer.  She could smell his after-shave, and then his hands touched her hair as she stopped breathing for what seemed like an hour.  His hands made their way down her shoulders, and across her sides, and then down to her butt.  The fingers slowly made their way up under her shirt, touching her back very slightly.  His fingers cupped each breast, as he moved in closer.  There was no mistaken the bulge in his pants now as each hand began to play with a nipple.  Gradually, his right hand made its way down her stomach and touched her thigh.  Instinctively, she moved her legs apart a little bit, as his fingers found her vulva.  She gasped as his fingers made their way up one side of her pussy lips, and down the other.  His fingers found her clit and started to rub, ever so slightly. 

She barely could talk as she said something like, “Have you found what you’re looking for?”

“Not yet” he said as he pushed one, then another finger inside her. 

He started to move them in and out as the other hand tugged a little harder on a nipple.  She started to moan, as it felt so good to be touched again.

She suddenly could not take it anymore, and turned around and put her arms around his neck and kissed him hard.  His hands were all over her now, touching her, as she hadn’t been touched in a long time!  Each of their tongues and lips met, and they kissed each other with passion.  Her hands worked hard as she tore off the buttons on his shirt, pulling it out of his pants.  The belt buckle and zipper seemed caught on the huge bulge that she was dying to get her hands, and then her mouth on.  She got on her knees as her hands pulled on his balls as she took all of him deep into her throat.  He began to moan as he enjoyed the pleasure she was giving him.  She tasted some pre-cum and thought he was about to explode in her mouth when suddenly he grabbed her under her arms and practically threw her on to the hood of the car.  He quickly buried his face between her legs as his tongue found its way inside her now very warm and very wet pussy.  She enjoyed the pleasure he was giving her in return as she leaned back against the warm hood of the car.  She started to feel the orgasm as she rose up and grabbed him by his ears.  Their lips met each other, as she tasted the sex from each other as he shoved his stiff, hard cock inside her.  They both made love to each other so hard she thought the hood would have a dent in it the next morning.  Suddenly, her knees began to shake, and her pussy began to quiver.  The surge of adrenalin shot up her whole body as the orgasm overtook her senses.  She cried out as the waves of pleasure seemed to pass over her body as the orgasm continued. 

He stopped and kissed her on the neck as she panted and cried.  Then he kissed her hard, and made her roll over as he mounted her again.  She reached up and grabbed the hood of the car just below the window.  Her face made an imprint on the windshield as he pounded her harder with each stroke.  He seemed to know just how to work her as his cock found her G-spot and the pleasure began to well up inside her again.  She was already groaning and panting when the next wave of an orgasm hit her.  She couldn’t believe it as it seemed to last longer then the last one.

Suddenly, she felt his finger as it began to probe her anus.  She couldn’t believe it, but it felt like he was putting something on his finger each time it entered her.  Gently at first, then deeper and deeper. 

She thought to herself, “If I’m going to get fucked on the side of the road by a cop, he might as well use all of me!” 

His probing continued as he continued to fuck her pussy.  The pleasure she got seemed different, new, and even exciting.  She did not want it to stop.  She felt him stop fucking her, and then he put the head of his cock against her butt.  She felt him slide gently inside her butt hole, and then she felt his fingers on her clit.  It aroused her again as his thrusts gradually got stronger.  She wished the full, thick cock that gave her pussy so much pleasure wasn’t quite as big as before, but she shifted her weight, relaxed, and enjoyed this new felt pleasure.  He suddenly gasped, and she felt his cock begin to pulsate.  She knew he was cumming inside her and she almost wished she had her mouth around his cock so she could taste the warm, hot cum going down her throat.  He shook for a while and then lay on top of her as his breathing got slower.

He pulled himself out of her and stepped down on the ground.  She lay there helplessly, unable to move as he walked away.  She wondered who would find her sprawled out on the top of the hood of the car like this.  She then heard his footsteps coming closer to her.  She looked up to see his smile as he gently helped her off the hood and on to the ground.  He handed her some towellets as he wiped cum off the hood. 

She thought to herself, “That must be a guy thing???” and smiled at him. 

He grabbed her by the arm and kissed her hard as she put her arms around his neck. 

After a long kiss, she looked at him, and asked, “Well, am I going to get a ticket?”

He laughed, and grabbed her butt and then slid his arm around her as he walked her back to her door.  He kissed her and held her in his arms for the longest time.  He loved the smell of her hair, and had thoughts to himself that he will still smell her hair, her perfume, and taste her skin each time he took a breath today.  

The cop said to her, “You better get back before someone misses you!” 

He wiped a tear from her face as she kissed him again.  He helped her into the seat, and shut the door behind her.  He leaned in and kissed her, and touched her hair one last time. 

The cop looked at her, smiled, and said, “Drive safe and slow babe, I wouldn’t want you to get stopped for speeding!”    

Monday, November 1, 2010


Cathy and I were out shopping one day when Cathy looked at me and said, “I think it is about time for me to get waxed again!”

I had visions of playing with a very soft, very sweet, and very shiny pussy for the evening!!!  So, I agreed to drive Cathy over to the place where Cathy got waxed.  Cathy invited me in, and I thought I would be sitting in the waiting room until she got herself done, but the lady behind the counter told me I could come in with her, so I said eagerly, “OK!”

We went inside the room, and Cathy took off her shorts and panties, and I stood behind her.  Cathy has great looking legs that she keeps very fit by working out, and her whole body is really fit and toned.  I stood behind Cathy and kissed her gently on the earlobes and on her neck.

Julie walked in and introduced herself, and told us both to get comfortable.

Julie got her supplies together, and smiled at us.  She prepared Cathy’s pussy by washing it in warm water and soap, and then applied some shaving cream. 

I started to get turned on by watching this, so I started rubbing under Cathy’s shirt, and put my hands up and unbuttoned Cathy’s bra and started to play with her nipples.

Cathy said, “What?  Are you trying to help with the lubrication?”

Julie and I both laughed.

Julie told me, “If you want to take off her shirt, I don’t mind.”

So I did.

Julie said to Cathy, “You have a very nice body!”

Cathy smiled and said to Julie, “So do you!  I was wondering if you are waxed as well.”

Julie said, “Yes, I am”

Julie proceeded to wax Cathy’s pussy while I played with Cathy’s very erect nipples.  Cathy moaned with pleasure at what was being done to her.  Julie lingered a little while longer than necessary I thought while she was waxing Cathy.  She even stuck a finger on Cathy’s pussy lips, and rubbed them gently.  Cathy smiled and said, “That feels good!”

When Julie was done, she said, “I even do men as well.  Would like to be next Pat?”

Cathy said, “Please Pat, I’d love to see your cock and balls waxed!!!”

I looked at her, smiled and said, “Let’s try the shaving part first and see what that feels like!”

So, Julie proceeded to get more supplies while Cathy helped me take off my jeans and underwear.  Cathy wanted me to keep going, so she took off my shirt as well.  When Julie returned, she smiled and licked her lips at the sight of my bulging cock staring at her.

Julie said, “I usually have to do something like fondle the men, or kiss their cock to get them to have a hard on.  It is easier to shave them that way!”

Cathy said, “I’ll do that!”  And bent over and started playing with my cock and balls!  Of course, there was little need to do so, since the whole process was a huge turn on for me.  Before I knew it, Julie bent over and started licking my balls and shaft with Cathy, and then both of them kissed my cock, and then each other.

Cathy now had her hand on Julie’s butt, and was rubbing her all over.  I leaned over and took Julie’s shorts and pulled them off.  Her panties were soaking wet, and I gave them a quick tug and off they came.

Next, I pulled off Julie’s top, and we all started kissing and rubbing our hands all over each other.

Julie pulled back and said, “I think you’re good and hard now Pat, I’m going to start”.

Cathy got on her knees facing Julie, and licked her pussy while Julie started to shave my cock.  It felt good to have her warm hands wrapped around my cock, and I closed my eyes and hoped with everything that was going on; Julie would have a steady hand.  Every once in awhile, Julie would bend over and suck on the tip of my cock, and run her tongue across my hole, and under her tongue.  She was very masterful at it!!!

Cathy was sticking her tongue all over Julie’s cunt by now.  I could tell Cathy was having an effect because Julie’s pussy was dripping wet!!!

Finally, Julie finished up with me, and wiped off the shaving cream, and washed my cock and balls.  She gave me a long, hard kiss.  She then stood up, and made Cathy go over to the couch and lay on top of her with Cathy’s head between her legs.  She started to play with Cathy’s pussy and fuck Cathy with her tongue.

Both of them were very into it, and their tongues and mouths were going wild on each other.  I stared at the scene before me and reached down and started to stroke my cock.

Not wanting to miss out on the action, I reached in my pocket of my jeans and pulled out the vibrating cock ring we had picked out earlier that day.  I put it on, and started to lick up the pussy juice that was dripping out of Cathy on to Julie’s face.    I spread Cathy’s cunt and inserted my cock deep inside Cathy.  Julie continued to lick Cathy’s pussy as I stroked Cathy with my cock.  As I got into a rhythm, Julie would lick my cock as I was coming out on each stroke.

Cathy let out a loud moan!!!

I reached down and turned on the vibrator part of the cock ring.  Cathy’s back arched immediately as the sensations that Cathy loved so much made her pussy ache.  I pumped Cathy harder and Cathy’s whole body started to shake with the orgasm. 

Cathy screamed with sheer joy at what was going on between her legs!!!!

I pulled out and sat down in the chair in front of Cathy.

I started to take off the cock ring, but Cathy shook her head no!

Cathy got off of Julie, and took her by the hand.  She was almost limp from all the sex.  Cathy grabbed her by the waist, and shoved her down on to my cock! I buried my cock deep into her throbbing wet pussy.  I turned the vibrator back on, and we both played with Julie’s body while she rocked up and down on my cock.

I sucked on a nipple, and Cathy reached around her and played with her breasts.  Cathy took the vibrator we had bought out of her shorts, lubed it up and proceeded to insert it gently into Julie’s ass.

She screamed with pleasure, and about had an orgasm right then.

I bit her nipple a little to make her back off on the sensations, but it drove her over the edge.  Her body and pussy started to shake, and her hands gripped the back of my head and pushed it hard against her nipple.  Cathy continued to work her ass with the vibrator.

When Julie was finished with her orgasm, Cathy helped her off of my cock, and put her down on the couch.  Then, Cathy took a finger full of the cream she had used on the vibrator and used it on my cock.

“I’m not done with you yet!” Cathy whispered in my ear.  Cathy turned around and grabbed the head of my cock, and inserted it into her ass.  Cathy squirmed a little bit as I worked my way in, but once inside, Cathy felt so good she let out a little cry.

I grabbed Cathy around the waist, and let her bounce up and down on my cock.  I turned on the vibrator part of the cock ring, and it hummed against Cathy’s butt cheeks.

Julie got up off the couch and took the vibrator Cathy used on her and cleaned it off.  She walked over to Cathy and turned it on, and rubbed it gently across Cathy’s nipples and breasts, and then down towards Cathy’s pussy.  She rubbed it against Cathy’s cunt and pussy lips, and then slowly inserted it inside Cathy.  She began to kiss Cathy again, and lick Cathy’s face and nipples as I played with them from behind.

Cathy almost couldn’t let out a moan it felt so good to have both her pussy and ass fucked at the same time!!!

“OMG that feels good!!!”  Cathy said.

We kept making Cathy feel good until suddenly Cathy’s eyes glazed over, and Cathy laid her head back and screamed!!! 

I pumped Cathy even harder then, and so did Julie!

I could feel Cathy quiver through her ass and knew Cathy had a great orgasm!!!

Cathy then went limp.  Julie and I cleaned Cathy up, got Cathy dressed and I almost carried her out to my truck with my arm around her waist.  I put Cathy in the front seat beside me, and Cathy laid her head on my shoulder.

I kissed Cathy lightly on the cheek, and she held my hand.  I reached around Cathy and put my arm around her.  Cathy snuggled close to me, and let out a loud sigh.

I knew Cathy wanted me again by just the way her eyes looked into mine.

I couldn’t wait to get Cathy home, and play with that fresh waxed kitty again!!!